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Best (and Worst) Practices

This is not a comprehensive list of how to live well with T1D. (You can find those in the categories that make up the Living Well Model.)  But here are the handful of moves I consider the best - and worst – for living with type 1 diabetes. Best 5 Moves #1:  Getting...

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The Grammys

I watched The Grammy’s last weekend and was amazed at the talent and creativity present in the room.  The music and energy created in Las Vegas made their way into homes across the world, including ours. As I watched, I thought about how artists make and perform their...

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Crud Day

I’m having one of those days.  Woke up with a blood sugar of 325. Proceeded to give a correction bolus on my pump to move it down.  I look in the mirror and want the tag number of the truck that ran me over.  I skip breakfast due to the high number, get ready for work...

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Tips for Navigating Your Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

If you are new to type 1, this is for you. You didn’t ask for type 1 diabetes and it certainly didn’t arrive with much notice. I am sorry for all the change going on now. Life isn’t a straight line and some turns don’t come with much warning. Type 1 is one of those!...

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Joslin 50th Medalist Visit

As my 50th milestone with type 1 neared, I mentioned it to my endocrinologist. He smiled and said, “That’s a great start!” My sister shared it with the pediatric endo (he’s a friend) that treats her son. His response was more in line with mine, “Oh wow… what a...

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Tidepool … aka Loop

On January 24 the FDA approved Tidepool’s Loop algorithm that automates insulin dosing (*). The FDA approval process took two years and represents a first … a regulated and commercially available solution for patient choice in the algorithms and hardware they...

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Marlo(w) Thomas!

It’s 6:30 am and time to wake up. The only problem is I’m low.  And a bit creative. Kendra nudges me and we start talking. She suspects something as I’m not making total sense. She asks if I’m low. I respond with: Yes, Yes I am! I am so low that I am …. Marlo-o-o...

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2022 Review & Diabetes Wellness Wheel

2022 is in the rear view mirror!  It’s time to reflect on my diabetes wellness and make adjustments for 2023. It was another challenging year, still navigating our world of Covid and experiencing an unexpected hip fracture in Q4. After two bouts with Covid in 2021, I...

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2022 Exercise Calendar

In prep for a self assessment of my diabetes in 2022, I’m reviewing the exercise calendar hanging in our basement workout room. Since 1987, I’ve logged my workouts on a physical calendar. This year’s results fell short due to a fractured hip on October 29.  I was on...

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The Case for Inanimate Objects

Inanimate Objects The toaster I’ve used for decades was ‘retired’ this week. My sister gave us this new toaster for Christmas and I’ve resisted the enthusiastic efforts from my wife and son to make a change. Why? Starting in my 20s, most days started with two pieces...

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R.I.P Jack Burr, M.D.

This week marks my 60th anniversary of living with type 1.  At the beginning of my journey was a pediatrician named Jack Burr.  He is one of the first gratitude posts on this blog.  As he and I reconnected over the past decade, his wife included me in their annual...

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60 Years with Type 1

I don't post much on Facebook, but today is an exception as it's my 60th D-Day ... here's what I posted: Those who know me well are aware of my life’s journey with diabetes. Diagnosed at age 3, today marks my 60 year milestone living with type 1.  It’s taken a village...

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World Diabetes Day – 2022

Hello World Diabetes Day 2022!  November is diabetes awareness month ... our day was started in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization and then reinforced by the United Nations in 2006. This is all about raising awareness of...

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Icebreaker’s Lessons on Managing Diabetes

Yesterday was our company's monthly management offsite meeting and, of course, we started with an ice breaker. This one was more thought provoking than most ... here's the question that was posed: "What advice would you give to a new manager of people?" Here's my...

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This site shares my learning & observations over 50 years of living with type 1 diabetes. At the top of that list is that diabetes is unique and requires a relationship between a patient and medical professional to develop a personalized treatment plan. One size does not fit all and nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice!