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The Grammys

I watched The Grammy’s last weekend and was amazed at the talent and creativity present in the room.  The music and energy created in Las Vegas made their way into homes across the world, including ours. As I watched, I thought about how artists make and perform their...

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Crud Day

I’m having one of those days.  Woke up with a blood sugar of 325. Proceeded to give a correction bolus on my pump to move it down.  I look in the mirror and want the tag number of the truck that ran me over.  I skip breakfast due to the high number, get ready for work...

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Tips for Navigating Your Type 1 Diagnosis

If you are new to type 1, this is for you. You didn’t ask for type 1 and it certainly didn’t arrive with much notice.  I am sorry for all the change going on now. Life isn’t a straight line and some angles don’t come with much warning. Type 1 is one of those! While it...

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Joslin 50th Medalist Visit

As my 50th milestone with type 1 neared, I mentioned it to my endocrinologist. He smiled and said, “That’s a great start!” My sister shared it with the pediatric endo (he’s a friend) that treats her son. His response was more in line with mine, “Oh wow… what a...

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Chillin’ Sans Dex

My Dexcom sensor expired this past Sunday. I haven’t replaced it … it’s now Wednesday and I feel more relaxed and at ease. Blood sugars are in the background; less front stage and center. I’m one to dig into, interpret and work with data. I try to let go and have the...

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Dexcom on Garmin

I started cycling in 2007 after a JDRF staff member asked me to be our chapter’s first type 1 to ride a JDRF sponsored century. I was also in search of a low impact workout as a substitute for high impact running. I hadn't been on a bike since college, but trained and...

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Closed Looping – Round III

This month I took another walk with closed loop tech. The first was with Medtronic’s 670G in 2017 and then the Loop IOS app with an older Medtronic pump & Riley link. This third attempt was with a TSlim X2 pump loaded with Control IQ. The ride was like a hockey...

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Living Well Model – 2021 In Review

Whew … 2021 is in the books!  It was a second year of respecting and navigating life with Covid. Doing that with diabetes adds another layer of complexity  I’m a pretty resilient type, but I missed in person social connections and conversations with friends. Doing...

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Novolog Results

Last week, my Endocrinologist provided a sample of Novolog so I could compare results to Humalog. I tried Novolog twenty years ago when it was the chosen (read less cost) fast acting insulin provided by my medical insurance plan.  It’s the same situation now.  Anyway,...

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Endo Visit results

Doctor visits went well this week.  The first on Wednesday was more of a walk in ... get the second shingles vaccine ... and walk out.  Felt puny the first night, but better the next day.  The nurse said that the reaction to the second shot is usually milder if the...

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Prep for Endo Visit

This week is full of doctors visits.  Tomorrow I get the second (and final) shingles vaccine.  Not real excited as the first one had more pain that other vaccines I've had, including tenanus & covid.  Oh well ... a little short term pain for long term protection...

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This site shares my learning & observations over 50 years of living with type 1 diabetes. At the top of that list is that diabetes is unique and requires a relationship between a patient and medical professional to develop a personalized treatment plan. One size does not fit all and nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice!