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Kendra and I visited our son, family, and friends in Phoenix recently, and one of our stops was at the Nordstrom store in Scottsdale.

I was shopping for a pair of jeans when a salesperson approached and asked if I needed help. He asked a few questions, and then we walked to a different area where he picked out two different styles. After trying both, we agreed on the best one, but I needed a different size. He searched and brought it back to the dressing room. It fit well but was too long, and the cuff needed to be hemmed.

He asked if I was interested in buying it … I said we were visiting and didn’t have time for the pants to be hemmed. He said they could be done in 10 minutes. Wait … what?

As he measured, I asked if he wanted me to put on different shoes. He said no and marked them quickly. I returned the marked pants to the salesperson and paid for them. Five minutes later, he presented the jeans in a nicely wrapped Nordstrom bag. I put them on at home and they fit like a glove.

What a fantastic experience while shopping for a pair of jeans!

What if our experience with endocrinologists, educators, medical device, pharmaceutical, and insurance companies could be that amazing?

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