A voice for living well with Type 1 Diabetes

Living Well

While writing the gratitude entries, I noticed several themes developing. I was expecting the three-legged stool of diet-exercise-insulin that has been reinforced as far back as Elliot Joslin. But I noticed three more. Here are the six themes:

  • The Mind: Acceptance
  • The Knowledge: Medical Professionals
  • The Support: Friends & Family
  • The Tools: Medications & Medical Devices
  • The Fuel: Nutrition
  • The Equalizer: Exercise

These themes form the six categories for this site. Entries are tagged by category, so you can find relevant content by the area that interests you.

My experience is that two of the categories – The Mind and The Knowledge – make working the others much easier. For me, they have become paramount to living well with Diabetes.

Here’s a visual of the two steps and four pillars that make my House of Living Well with Type 1