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Dr. Jack Burr

My diagnosis was similar to most. I had been sluggish for weeks, lost weight and was making frequent visits to the bathroom. My Mother called our family pediatric practice. A young, recent medical school graduate had become part of the practice. His name was Jack...

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Both my Mom and Dad were there for me as I grew up living with diabetes. This was the 1960’s and 70’s and my Mom mostly stayed home with my sister and I, while my Father worked. My Dads work didn’t require much travel, so he was there for us every day. He encouraged...

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Reflecting back on the first 20 years of my diabetes, I sometimes wonder how I made it. Much of the credit goes to my Mother. In many ways, she lived diabetes with me. There’s not much a three-year-old can do to manage diabetes. So, that’s where my Mother stepped in....

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2017 DBlog Week #4: Kelly

Today’s DBlog Week topic is “What Brings Me Down.”  Exploring the emotional side of living with, or caring for, someone with diabetes.  What things can make dealing with diabetes an emotional issue for you and/or your loved ones? ----------------------- Words can’t...

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2017 Blog Week #3: Blame Me

Today’s DBlog Week topic is “The Blame Game.”  How a visit to the doctor’s office can be a dreaded experience.  How the way someone talks about our diabetes can be upsetting.  How to deal with blame and judgment from others. And how to turn the situation around....

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2017 DBlog Week #2: Our Choices

Whew! Today’s DBlog week topic is about the cost of diabetes – a complex topic that’s challenging. But here goes ...   Life is full of choices. Some are made for us. Most we make for ourselves. Some are less obvious. To be clear ... Diabetes chose us. We didn’t...

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This site shares my learning & observations over 50 years of living with type 1 diabetes. At the top of that list is that diabetes is unique and requires a relationship between a patient and medical professional to develop a personalized treatment plan. One size does not fit all and nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice!