A voice for living well with Type 1 Diabetes

Today is Super Bowl Sunday … as a lifelong fan, I’m all for the Kansas City Chiefs. (Hey, I remember their first two Super Bowls!)

As pumped as I am about the Chiefs being in the big game, I’m more inspired by one of our players. As the game is played, Type 1 diabetes will be on the field.

This post salutes Noah Grey, one of the Chief’s tight ends, who lives and plays with type 1.

Noah Grey, Tight End with the Kansas City Chiefs. Play football with type 1 diabetes.Noah Grey, Tight End for Kansas City Chiefs. Plays with type 1 diabetes.





I met Noah briefly at last year’s Kansas City JDRF Gala event. We discussed our diagnoses and how it is to live and play sports with diabetes. I mentioned I wasn’t aware he was a type 1, and he said he mostly kept it under the radar. I respect that, as each of us gets to share our diabetes on our terms.

I love that Noah spent time in the spotlight this week discussing his type 1 diabetes. And that he’s spending time with children living with type 1. Young type 1s need examples of adults living and achieving their dreams … with diabetes.  

All the best in Super Bowl LVII, Noah … I’m rooting for you, good blood sugar control, and the Chiefs in the biggest sporting event in the world.

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