A voice for living well with Type 1 Diabetes

In prep for a self assessment of my diabetes in 2022, I’m reviewing the exercise calendar hanging in our basement workout room. Since 1987, I’ve logged my workouts on a physical calendar. This year’s results fell short due to a fractured hip on October 29.  I was on target to make my goals prior to that, but two surgeries in late October (to repair a fractured hip) and November (total hip replacement) messed with my ability to workout in November and December.

My workout goals for the 2022 were (*):

  • 90% of the weeks with 3-5 workouts/week. Workouts are aerobic (elliptical, cross country skier, cycling) and anaerobic (weights).
  • Cycle > 2,000 miles
  • 80% of Power Hour workouts (75 minute indoor winter spin workout 3x/week for 3 months)

Except for Power Hour that was cancelled due to Covid, I was on pace to make these goals prior to the hip fracture. Through October there were 43 weeks and I worked out 3-5 times during 39 of those weeks. That’s 90.7%.

For the remaining 9 weeks, my ability to workout was limited. I was bedridden for the first two weeks after both surgeries. Movement was done with the assistance of a walker (I named it Walker Hayes). Four weeks after the total hip surgery I was able to get on an indoor trainer and cycle … slowly.

As for cycling, I rode 1450 miles in 2022. Several months were low due to bad colds and the cancellation of Power Hour. But I was pushing hard in the fourth quarter and would have made the 2,000 mile goal without the hip fracture.

My orthopedic surgeon confirmed my worst suspicions of muscle atrophy near my left hip due to inactivity. In addition, my good aerobic baseline and capacity was mostly wiped out. Nine weeks of inactivity can be disastrous to the body!

I am somewhat comforted that recovery  may be faster for those in good shape prior to these surgeries. Time will tell, but I am off to a good start in January!

Stay tuned next week for a more comprehensive self evaluation of my diabetes management in 2022.

(*)  Goals are best when set with SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound). This year I added the % of weeks as a way of improving consistency (and it motivated me to get that 3rd workout several times).  Here’s are the monthly results: