A voice for living well with Type 1 Diabetes

This week marks my 60th anniversary of living with type 1.  At the beginning of my journey was a pediatrician named Jack Burr.  He is one of the first gratitude posts on this blog.  As he and I reconnected over the past decade, his wife included me in their annual Christmas letter.  I received and opened this year’s letter and learned that Dr. Burr passed away in 2022.  He lived 88 years and I am certain made a difference his patients.


I am saddened about his passing and grateful for the guidance and care he provided my parents and me during the first decade of my diabetes.  May his influence be an inspiration to medical doctors and type 1 patients in the doctor – patient relationship.

As type 1 patients, we owe it to ourselves to find and work with the best medical professionals.  As caregivers, medical doctors should stay curious, current and provide care with empathy.  As I’ve said in other posts empathy is not sympathy, but rather the ability to understand others’ view and care for their needs, not yours.

Here’s to the life’s contributions of Jack Burr, M.D. and the high standards he set in the doctor – patient relationship.  May you rest in peace.