A voice for living well with Type 1 Diabetes

Last week, my Endocrinologist provided a sample of Novolog so I could compare results to Humalog. I tried Novolog twenty years ago when it was the chosen (read less cost) fast acting insulin provided by my medical insurance plan.  It’s the same situation now.  Anyway, in 1999  I was on MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) therapy.  That meant injecting fast acting before meals and longer acting NPH at bedtime.  I remember having more elevated post prandial (after meals) blood sugars on Novolog compared to Humalog.  So I remained on Humalog at additional cost back then.

I decided to give Novolog another try as my diet has changed and I’m on pump therapy.  The articles I read indicated that there should be little, if any, difference in the timing and duration (they said Novolog might be a smidge faster).

Well … it’s been six days on Novolog through my pump and the results have been similar (even better) than Humalog.  Initially I felt (subjectively) a bit different.  Call me crazy, but my lips didn’t seem as moist.  And in this very small sample size (six days) my morning #s were consistently in range and my post prandial numbers less elevated.

With Novolog working well, I asked my endocrinologist to write a script and send to the insurance company.  This should result in a $25 co-pay for a 90 day supply (6 vials).  Those same six vials in the US are over $1,000 (even with insurance) and $275 from Canada.

Next step is for Connor to try the Novolog and see if it works for him. (He is 24 and still on our medical insurance.)