A voice for living well with Type 1 Diabetes

Doctor visits went well this week.  The first on Wednesday was more of a walk in … get the second shingles vaccine … and walk out.  Felt puny the first night, but better the next day.  The nurse said that the reaction to the second shot is usually milder if the first was severe.  I still have a sizable knot and rash near the injection site on my upper arm.  Glad to have this done!

Yesterday’s endo appointment went well.  I have managed my diabetes with this practice for over a decade now and we have good momentum.  My A1C was a bit higher at 5.8 than March (5.5), but this was on the Abbot machine (see pic below) vs. a blood lab.  My endocrinologist said things were going well and my next appointment could be in a year as results and methods have been consistent for awhile now. Here are other results from the meeting:

  • Sample of Novolog:  wanted a vial, but received a pen with Novolog in it.  All good … I’ll figure out how to get the insulin into my pump reservoir.  Novolog is the preferred fast acting insulin for my medical insurance, so I’d like to see how it works vs. Humalog (I’m currently purchasing from Canada).  My endocrinologist did say a few patients have  had success going to Mexico, where apparently you don’t need a script for insulin. I may try this when Connor moves to Phoenix.
  • Received a new script to buy more Humalog from Canada (a script is required there).  $45 vs. hundreds is a best practice these days … and they ship into the United States.
  • We discussed options for a new insulin pump, as the warranty period for my last pump (a 670g) expired in March. There wasn’t a lot of new info as the pandemic has apparently slowed the release of products and/or FDA approval. Think I’ll sit tight until the Dexcom G7 (should be on the market in 6 months?), Tandem TSport (next gen product) come to market or until Tidepool brings loop to the market without RileyLink. My biggest concern is I’m using a 9 year old Medtronic Paradigm pump that they no longer support.  (I do have its’ predecessor in a drawer for backup.)
  • Received a recommendation for endocrinologist in the Phoenix, AZ area.  Connor is moving there for work and it’s peace of mind to have a trusted referral (my endocrinologist did his residency there).

Not much new and every positive appointment with my diabetes medical team is a good one.