A voice for living well with Type 1 Diabetes

This week is full of doctors visits.  Tomorrow I get the second (and final) shingles vaccine.  Not real excited as the first one had more pain that other vaccines I’ve had, including tenanus & covid.  Oh well … a little short term pain for long term protection of shingles, which I’ve had in the past.

Thursday is my bi-annual endocrinologist appointment.  These visits usually go well as we’ve got good momentum with my diabetes practices (hey boring in this area is a good thing!). My A1C in March was 5.5 and I’d be surprised if it’s much higher.  I usually write down the items I want to discuss  (even then I’ll forget one or two things!),  Here they are:

  • Sample of Novolog.  Novolog is the preferred fast acting insulin on my medical plan. I didn’t have good results with it twenty years ago, but I’ll request a sample to see if it’s different now. If so, it will save big $s.
  • Humalog script to buy from Canada.  Prices there are $45/vial versus the hundred of dollars per vial on my plan.  Shipping insulin into the US from Canada is now all good.
  • See if my complete blood profile pulled in March during my annual physical will suffice. Results were good, except for my consistently low white blood cell count.  If no, I’ll fast and go back next week for another pull.
  • Share results of my Dupuytren manipulation earlier this year.  We’ve discussed this for years now and I decided to take action. I found an experienced dupuytren hand surgeon and he did a nice job with the injection and manipulation.  It also required 2-3 months of therapy and an evening cast.  Much better now.
  • Discuss options for a new insulin pump.  My pump went out of warranty in March, although that 670g and sensors have been in the box for the past 3 1/2 years (yes, I was so excited and totally underwhelmed/disappointed with Medtronic’s first entry into the automated insulin delivery world).  I’ve done Loop/Riley Link and know others on Tandem’s basal and control IQ.  None are perfect. Recently, I’ve stopped using sensors as my diet, insulin and #s have been consistent and predictable. Still, I’d love the peace of mind that comes with suspending before low (it’s the one feature I liked with the 670g).  And I push a lot buttons each day (17.1 to be exact) to keep my numbers in range. I’m also eager to get my hands on the upcoming Dexcom G7.  Hopefully, my endo will be able to provide perspective!
  • Phoenix endo recommendation for Connor as he is moving there this Fall.  My endocrinologist did his residency there and I hope he can help with Connor’s transition.