A voice for living well with Type 1 Diabetes

Most days I start my morning by dropping by a coffee shop for a cup of coffee. On this day, the barista smiled and asked if I’d have my usual. I said yes and hit the quick bolus button on my pump 3 times to cover the carbs.  I paid for the coffee and moved down the line where the coffee would be ready. While waiting, something unexpected happened. Another customer turned to me and said:

“Excuse me. Can I ask you something personal?

“What is it?”

“How do you like your pump?”

I smiled and asked if she wore one. She said no, but that her insurance company would soon cover it.   She was excited and wanted to know how I liked my pump.  Over several minutes, we talked about:

  • pumps and multiple daily injections
  • our endos and cdes
  • the different types of pumps
  • my recommendations for pumps and cgms along with contact info for the reps that cover them in Kansas City.

We laughed when others in line raised their eyebrows as I mentioned that I wasn’t as high in the morning on the pump. Our coffees arrived and our conversation ended.

My day started as usual, but a conversation about the Big D over a cup of joe made this day unexpectedly better.